Solar Panel Project Started

Solar Panels by 2019? Road to Reduced Carbon Footprint Starts Today!

It’s finally the time to start this project. My goal is to install Solar Panels in the year 2019. Hopefully before the spring time. I’m going to use all my music revenues from various streaming sites to fund this project. This includes Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and Deezer music streaming services. Of course all the ad revenues from this site will be added as well.

Links to my music will be added later. Artist names are DJ Solar Cell, Def Effin Efficiency, Lil Renewable, Sunlight Soul. and Mad Beat Recycler. All the revenues that these artists produce, will be used to fund our solar panel system.

Music releases should be out before this Christmas (2017). I will add more pages to this blog in the coming weeks.

mitsubishi-msz-ln25 air conditioner

In the next two weeks. I will take the first giant step to lower the electric bill by getting Mitsubishi MSZ-LN25 Air Conditioner installed. It should lower the heating bill 30-40% during the winter time. Review of it coming later on this blog. All the light bulbs has been replaced with LED versions already.

Ultimate goal is to produce renewable energy with solar panels the same amount as we are using. Minimum goal is to install 20 solar panels, but I’m doing my best to get at least 40 installed. There is room for more, but I haven’t discussed with the local electric company on how larger systems they can install. I know for sure that 40 can be done.

Stay tuned!


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