Feiyr.com Review – Music Distribution

Feiyr.com Review – Music Distribution Service



Have you ever wondered how to get your music available to Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Play etc.? In order to do so, you’ll need a music aggregator service that distributes your music to those stores.

Feiyr is the music distribution service from Germany. I’m using with my solar panel project. Each release is behind a music record label called “Pure Solar Powered Beats”.

When you search for Feiyr reviews, there are not many reviews available. Only people telling it’s a scam, and telling: “they won’t pay you anything”. Is that the truth? I’ve been using Feiyr since 2014, and I haven’t really gotten any problems with the payments (other than filling my tax details), hopefully that won’t change in the future.

Feiyr’s Facebook page doesn’t have any angry comments nor does the Twitter account. Although, I do wish they would be more active on social media. Reputation among customers seems to be higher on their Ebook service.

Setting a Feiyr account is not a quick task, there are plenty of verification steps, email confirmation, address confirmation (you’ll receive a pin code with mail), phone number verification and the bank account verification. That’s alright, I live in Finland and I have gotten used to extended amount of bureaucracy.

Once you have done all the verification parts, it’s time to add a first release. I really suggest reading out the help files, even if you don’t usually read them! When you fill out the song details etc. Feiyr system will give you notices, if you have done something wrong.

It’s recommended to set the release date to 4 weeks or later to avoid any troubles. Once the record is out, it’s goes to massive list of stores.

Enjoy your first release.

What I like about Feiyr:

  • Extensive Statistics and store performance
  • You can run multiple labels under one account
  • Different account roles
  • Youtube Monetization
  • Wide list of stores
  • Notifications when your music gets added to Spotify and Apple music playlists
  • Chart Notifications
  • Feiyr compilations and 3rd party compilations. Sometimes you’ll music gets added to various compilations (Free of charge!)
  • Easy “music video” creation for YouTube
  • No renewal fee or a yearly fee
  • Revenues gets added weekly

What I don’t like about Feiyr:

  • Creating new tracks could be faster. There are no default templates, and adding track details can be time consuming.
  • Feiyr could also create their own Spotify, Deezer, Apple, Tidal etc playlists to give more exposure for their artists.
  • I wish the would be more active with their customers
  • Removing release costs € 29.99

Record Union VS Feiyr VS CD Baby VS Amadeamusic

Comparison between major music distributors is pretty much impossible to do. It all depends on your requirements.

If you are looking for cheapest option, then Amadeamusic is your choice. It doesn’t offer “real-time” tracking for sales/streams and I find it very limited.

With CD Baby free you’ll feel very limited with the options you have (I find the other plans way too high).

Record Union has the highest rates (as there are yearly fees involved with the release), but it has the easiest and fastest delivery when you want your music out quickly. If you have only one or two releases, then Record Union is easy to recommend.

As for Feiyr it has very wide selection of tools, statistics and distribution, and you can monetize your YouTube videos easily. You can also automatically generate Youtube music videos (and receive commissions from ad revenues it gains).

Overall my choice is Feiyr. It has all the features I need, and it’s priced reasonable.

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