DJ Solar Cell: Solar Panel Project Starter

First Music Release Is Out Now! DJ Solar Cell – Solar Panel Project Starter

DJ Solar Cell album release “Solar Panel Project Starter” is out now. Album has 50 instrumental Hip Hop tracks. All the revenue this album gains goes towards to my Solar Panel Fund.

Here is more details about the release:

Track List in Alphabetic Order:

Acting Now (00:36)
Bicycle Ride (01:14)
Big City Lights (00:34)
Boost the Solar Power Awareness (01:11)
Call from the Past (01:08)
Cool Morning Coffee Break (00:42)
Darker Tone (00:32)
Different Ways (00:32)
Doing Things My Way (01:05)
Dreamy Fields (00:38)
Endless Days (01:09)
Entrance (00:30)
Fast and Ready (01:12)
Feeling Refreshed Again (01:18)
Fire in the Hole (01:04)
Funky Break (00:31)
Grooving and Moving (01:11)
Headphone Candy (01:16)
Higher Efficiency (01:09)
Highway Calling (01:09)
Last Call (01:17)
Learning New (01:12)
Lower Electric Bill (01:05)
Mars Melody (00:35)
More Cowbell (01:08)
Mountains (00:34)
Never Too Late to Start (01:09)
Out of Sync (00:31)
Over the Line (01:17)
Party Invite (01:11)
Planet Earth (00:32)
Radical Change (01:11)
Ready for Summer Days (01:10)
Relaxing Jazz 01:12)
Renewable Energy Beat (01:09)
Rooftop Hip Hop (00:32)
Sharing the Good Vibes (01:14)
Sleepy Time (00:37)
Slow Fade (00:34)
Solar Project Starter (01:33)
Stargazing (01:35)
Sunny Day Beat (01:05)
Survivalist (00:36)
The Message (01:13)
Timeless (00:37)
Warm Welcome (01:11)
Water Flowing (01:11)
Whistle Blows (00:39)
Wider Knowledge (00:31)
Worldwide (00:37

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Release Date: December 15, 2017
Label: Pure Solar Powered Beats
Music Distribution by Feiyr
Copyright: © 2017 Pure Solar Powered Beats
Format: Digital & Streaming only. CD, Cassette, Vinyl formats not available.
Total Length: 47:11

Genres: Rap & Hip-Hop, Instrumental Hip Hop, Electronic


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