Frequently asked questions

Actually none of these questions has been asked (looks more professional), but I’m sure these are some of the questions that will rise.

Who are you?

My name is Oskari, and I’m 36 years old, and I live in Finland. Big music fan and an avid coffee drinker. I have followed solar energy news for years, and now it’s the perfect time join “the movement”. I’m sure this project will get a negative feedback too (That’s what we Finns are known for). I’ll get that, and I’m sometimes too negative myself. I want to be more positive, and that was one of the reasons why I wanted to launch this project. Do something positive! Being positive is also going to be my New Year’s resolution (in 2018). I’m also an introvert, and try to stay anonymous. When you’re doing something like this, I know it’s somewhat impossible.

Why solar panels?

Why not? We want to go greener and more environment friendly as a family, and do our part to keep the world a little greener. I hope other people will notice that solar energy is really an option these days. Renewable energy is not sexy for some reason. Let’s make it sexy!

Why music streaming services?

There are hundreds of millions music streaming service users combined. If only a small fraction can listen to my music, then the goal gets exceeded easily. Some music streaming services offers a free accounts or a limited time free use. I’m not asking to buy anything or donate.

What if your goal gets exceeded?

If the goal exceeds, I will simply add more panels to the system. 30, 40… Currently we are far from there.

How can we follow the progress?

I’m going to update this blog how the progress goes. I’ve also set Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest and Facebook Accounts.

Your songs are really short?

I call my music as “nuggets”. Helps me to get the right mood for the lyrics and such. Yes, I haven’t released anything containing lyrics, but at some point I hope I have enough a courage to do so.

Where’s your Youtube channel?

I’d really like to create a Youtube channel, and be front of the camera, but I’m a really shy person. Maybe if this project really kicks in I’ll do some videos as well.

What is your music distribution service?

I’m using Feiyr.com. It’s a digital music distribution service from Germany. I’ve been a happy customer for years. They’ll also create YouTube videos automatically to your music. Also supporting monetizing Youtube videos. Germany is also the 1. country when it comes to installed solar panels. I’m not affiliated with this company in anyway. Maybe they have an affiliate program…I don’t know. Maybe they’ll give a shout to this project. (I will strike through the sentence if that happens)

Your site has affiliate links, where the money from these affiliate links goes?

Everything goes to the solar panel fund. It will just lower the amount required streams (I hope).

Your site is amateurish and has poor English:

I’m not a writer nor a website designer. My high school English teacher told I was a hopeless case, so there are mistakes on this site. Thankfully there’s an automatic proof reading and it will clear more of the mistakes. I don’t have a marketing team. This is one man project with a very limited $0.00 budget.