Where the Inspiration Comes From?

Sometimes life can surprise you….

Inspiration to all this comes from 89 years old Matti whom our family met the first time in health care center about a year ago. We talked about life for an hour and a half, and at some point the discussion went to solar panels. To my surprise he said he recently installed a solar panel system to his house. And the first system he had installed was during the 80’s (and the system is still working on their cottage!) Time was flying, and  we quickly changed numbers, as it was our turn to see a doctor. Later that month we went to visit him and his lovely wife. They have been really happy with the installed solar panels. I can tell for sure; Solar panels are real conversation starters. We have been friends with Matti and his wife since then, and continue talk about life and it’s mysteries regularly.

Then…Later that year we moved, and the first mail we got to our mailbox was from our next door neighbor, who we have never met. He also had recently installed solar panels (we had no idea, as the panels were behind the house), and he had an open house demonstration about the solar panels for the local community. After the meeting, I was even more excited about getting the solar panels for our house too.

Some would take these as signs. Both are true stories. I kid you not!

Now I want to be a part of the solar panel “movement”. It won’t save the planet as it’s own, but it’s a small step to the right direction. I’m sure we’ll see an increased number of installed systems as the price on electricity goes up and the panels prices going down..

As for music inspiration . Pretty much all the inspiration comes from the musical genius named Chris Ballew (The former lead singer from the Seattle band the Presidents of the USA).  He has recorded thousands of songs under various names and bands (they are all great!). Pretty much all the genres covered. Currently he makes fabulous children music under the name Caspar Babypants. I don’t know if he has solar panels too, but that’s something I need to ask later on.