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Solar Panels by Music Streaming – Started in December 2017

solar panel fund

Last summer I had an idea of getting my music available to the major music streaming services, and use all the gained revenue to buy a a solar panel system (20 panels or more). Although I don’t think I can reach that goal without a help. Here is how it works:

Currently the Solar Panel playlists holds total of 250 songs, and each time the playlist gets played from start to finish, it would add about one dollar to the solar panel budget (That’s my estimate). Now I need t o find 12000 people to listen my playlist(s) to cover all the costs. Music streaming services has hundreds of millions of users combined. So the goal should not be impossible?

My goal is to get the funds in 500 days. That would mean only 24 full playlist listens daily! This is where I’ll need your help!

Here are the playlists:

Spotify playlist: Click here to listen!
Deezer playlist: coming soon!
Apple Music playlist: coming soon!
Tidal playlist: coming soon!
Google Play playlist: coming soon!


You can also search these artists on various music streaming sites. Please follow/like and add tracks to your own playlists!

DJ Solar Cell
Def Effin Efficiency
Lil Renewable
Sunlight Soul
Mad Beat Recycler

All the revenue these artists gains, will be used to fund this project!

Please share info about this project, and follow me on social media!  I will to return a favor, and give a shout to your artist profile, instagram profile, spotify music, your company… Also adding links to supporter page.

I have no idea how this goes, but I’m thankful for your help!


More info about this whole project on FAQ section. Latest news on the blog.

PS.  Site share info about solar energy news, but not affiliated with any solar energy companies in anyway. This site does have affiliate links, and all the funds will be used towards the total budget.

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